Laza Ice Lolly
Proudly Made in Rwanda ​

Nutritious, all-natural, and delicious hand-crafted Ice Lollies are made in the heart of Kigali, using only the finest natural fruit ingredients sourced locally in Rwanda

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Ice Lolly
Ice Lolly
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Treat your taste buds to a fantastic experience with our delicious handmade ice lollies. Whether it's hot or cold outside, our ice lollies guarantee a refreshing taste that will make every moment sweet and unforgettable


Nariye kuri ice lolly yo mu myembe ifite uburyohe ntagereranywa nimpumuro yumwimerere wimbuto nyarwanda

Jean Pierre Ntihabose

Kigali, Rwanda

A delicious frozen treats product has made its way to Rwanda!
Laza’s Ice Lolly made from local fruits (mango, chocolate, banana, pineapple, strawberry ……) is dense with fruit and has just the right amount of sweetness. The mango popsicle which I enjoyed in Kigali was so good – just like eating an iced piece of fruit! 5 stars for sure. Highly recommend

Katherine Munkley

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

What I love most about Laza Ice Lolly is its versatility. Whether it’s the classic fruit flavors that burst with natural sweetness or the innovative combinations that challenge traditional boundaries, Laza Ice Lolly offers a wide array of options to suit every palate. I’ve savored everything from tangy citrus pops to creamy, indulgent delights that make me feel like I’m enjoying a decadent dessert on a stick.

Dr. Stuart Ross

Ontario, Canada